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Do you have a pool? 2017-07-12T15:24:59+00:00

No, we are a small facility that specializes in individual services and small group classes. We are not large enough to accommodate a pool.

I have my own equipment, do you offer in-home or mobile personal training? 2017-06-17T04:03:07+00:00

Yes, this is something we recently brought back, as this is how I originally started out in business. The distance we travel depends on the time of day training takes place. Please contact us for details.

Can I drop into a class even if I’m not a member? 2017-06-17T04:13:02+00:00

Yes, we allow drop-ins for $15. If you decide you like the class and would like to come on a regular basis, we suggest you sign up for a Class Membership or a V.I.P. Unlimited Class Membership.

Where are your prices listed? 2017-06-17T04:14:27+00:00

We didn’t list every single program we offer to prevent confusion, as they very based on how frequently you come in. Instead we listed only the basics. Individual training programs are a higher investment than group classes, which are less than $5/ class depending on which program you sign up for.

What is a Corrective Exercise Specialist? 2017-07-09T09:26:16+00:00

A Corrective Exercise Specialist is like a bridge between a general personal trainer and a physical therapist.

Can I take a free class? 2017-07-09T09:43:48+00:00

Yes, you can try any class for free, just give us a call so we’re expecting you.

What if I only want to come to one type of class but not the others? 2017-07-09T09:31:11+00:00

We offer specific class memberships (our current line-up is Lunch Crunch, Monday Yoga and Wednesday Yoga) that allow you access to any classes of that type. In addition, we offer a Double Yoga Membership that allows you to come to both Monday and Wednesday Yoga. The V.I.P. Unlimited Class Membership gives you access to EVERY class we offer plus any new ones that we add.

I’m on a budget, do you offer any low-cost programs? 2017-07-09T10:20:42+00:00

Yes! Fitness Coaching is our entry level program and very budget friendly, starting at only $27/ month. Even though we call it the “Home Fitness Club”, it can be designed for use in any gym. Class memberships are the next level up and also still very affordable. And if you are in need of Rehabilitative Exercise, please inquire about our sliding fee scale.

What if I’m a beginner? 2017-06-17T04:18:55+00:00

Both one-on-one training as well as class instruction is suitable for beginners. Because we keep our class sizes small, it’s easy for us to accommodate new people and still be able to keep an eye on them to ensure proper form. There’s no need to try to get in shape before coming in to see us.

What is IASTM? 2017-07-09T09:23:25+00:00

I.A.S.T.M., or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, is a specialized form of sports massage. It uses specialized instruments rubbed into the skin to break up scar tissue. It hits knots form the side rather than straight on and so is very effective for chronic conditions and sports injuries. To see a list of the conditions that may be improved with the technique, please visit our I.A.S.T.M. page. While there, you can also download a coupon for 20% off your first treatment.

Why wouldn’t I join Average Joe’s gym instead? 2017-06-17T04:19:50+00:00

For starters, we don’t think of ourselves as a gym at all because you are never wandering around aimlessly on your own wondering what to do. You are always with a trainer or a class instructor. When you schedule your fitness you are more consistent, and consistency is the key to success.

Do I have to give you my banking information? 2017-06-17T04:20:05+00:00

No, you don’t have to. But if you choose to sign up for auto pay, we do offer a big discount only because it simplifies things so much for us. You can stop it whenever you choose simply by calling me on my direct number, (619) 252-4993.

What can I expect if I sign up? 2017-07-09T09:36:09+00:00

Unlike big gyms, we actually want you to come to class and so we send text reminders to keep you accountable. And since consistency is key, we want you to come on a regular basis. We also offer free educational classes, do follow up calls to check on you, and send out an educational email newsletter.  In addition, you get special discounts on our other services, plus a lot of other cool stuff you won’t find in a big gym.

Do you offer military or industry discounts? 2017-07-07T07:55:15+00:00

Yes, we offer a 15% discount for active military, veterans, first responders, and industry professionals.

Do you offer family plans? 2017-07-09T09:19:32+00:00

Yes! We realize it can be difficult for a family to afford multiple memberships and we want to encourage families to exercise together. Therefore, we do offer family discounts, just ask!

Why is Personal Training cheaper at a big gym? 2017-07-09T09:40:09+00:00

As a small business, we can’t compete with corporate gyms that have cash readily available from investors. Personal Training is our premium program and while an investment in your health, we believe in giving you a ton of value that you won’t find with large gyms.

How does Personal Training differ from classes? 2017-06-17T04:22:16+00:00

All personal training programs are one-on-one unless you sign up with a partner for Buddy Personal Training. The biggest difference is in the cost of classes vs. working one-on-one with a trainer.The second biggest difference is that a personal training program  is customized around your specific goals as well as your schedule.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee? 2017-06-17T04:24:01+00:00

Yes, we back everything with a 100% Money Back Guarantee in writing.

What is Rehabilitative Exercise and how does it differ from Personal Training? 2017-07-09T09:51:48+00:00

Rehabilitative Exercise is often necessary after an accident or following physical therapy. It helps improve mobility, stability, and strength. Soft tissue mobilization and myofascial release techniques are incorporated to correct muscle imbalances. Using construction as an analogy, think of Rehabilitative Exercise as the foundation on which you will build a home. You want a solid foundation before you start constructing your frame.

Do I have to sign a contract? 2017-06-17T04:25:13+00:00

No, we don’t believe in contracts or locking anyone in. We only want you here if you want to be here. Because of that, you are free to cancel at any time.

Do you work with people with special health conditions? 2017-07-09T10:03:05+00:00

Yes, in addition to rehabilitative exercise, we specialize in functional fitness for special health conditions like Diabetes, high-blood pressure, MS, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and obesity. Please visit our Testimonials page.

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