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“My goals with Melissa were very specific for rock climbing, mountain biking, survival training and skydiving. I wanted to achieve and maintain low body fat, increase strength without too much bulk, increase cardio endurance, learn about proper range of motion, and develop a workable program that I can follow easily. I can confidently say I can climb, ride, or hike most people half my age into the ground now.”

David H. Billick (Outdoorsman)

“I had a total hip replacement followed by physical therapy. I have been working with Melissa twice a week now and I’m very pleased with my progress. I have more energy, I’m walking better, my equilibrium is improving and my strength in my legs is returning.”

Cissy Walters (School teacher)

“I have been very impressed with Melissa. She is well prepared and up-to-date in the latest training techniques. She is a very nice person, which I like more than anything. I would recommend Melissa without hesitation, she does a great job.”

Kathryn Starr (Personal assistant)

“After years of an exercise-free lifestyle, I found myself a 42 year old, size 20 woman with bad knees, high cholesterol, and hypertension. Melissa’s customized total fitness programs got me down to a size 10 and got me off of multiple medications. I have never been healthier or happier.” 

Vicki Mabry (Computer programmer)

“In 2004 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and so wanted to make sure I lost weight in the healthiest way possible. Fatigue is a big issue with MS, so Melissa worked with me to build up my tolerance and I can do a full 90 minute workout, including stretches, easily on most days. My cholesterol dropped 75 points the first year, and I went from a size 18 to a size 8. Melissa is an extremely friendly, easy going person and fun to work with. She helped me find a lifestyle that worked for me by giving me the right tools.”

Patricia A. Hubbell (Grossmont School District)

“My wife Mary was diagnosed with both Parkinson’s Disease as well as Gait Aprexia, by two different physicians. She was depressed, had not gone for a walk in over a year, and did not want to continue living under these conditions.  Melissa got her walking independently with a walker 3 times a week. She is also able to ride her stationary bike every morning consistently, and can stand from a seated position without assistance, which she hadn’t been able to do before. Mary’s balance, strength, and stamina have increase.”

Gale Ruffin (Engineer)

“Fifteen years ago I had surgery on my right foot for plantar fasciitis, so when I was diagnosed with it on my left foot, I wasn’t very optimistic. After numerous physical therapy exercises, electrical stimulation and cortisone injections my plantar fasciitis was still excruciating. The IASTM technique performed by Melissa along with specific stretches she gave me to do on my own completely relieved the pain. I am now running three miles and walking three miles, both three times a week and I’ve been pain free for a year and a half now!”

Kathy Worley (P.E. teacher)

“While working as Promotions and Marketing Director for K-JOY Radio, our station participated in the ‘Body for Life Challenge’. I was seeing results after just the first two weeks! Eating small amounts five times a day plus exercise was a HUGE shock to my body, and since the challenge required measuring my body fat, I ended up dropping 12 pounds of fat and adding 6 pounds of muscle over the twelve week span!”

Kristin Ferguson (Clear Channel Radio)

“Melissa Allen, owner of Optimum Condition is the best personal trainer that I’ve had the privilege of working with. Melissa helped me to rehabilitate my left knee after 4 surgeries to repair a torn meniscus. My Sports Medicine Doctor (previous doctor to the San Diego Chargers) operated on my knee in 2012, performing a very extensive surgery with a long rehab period to follow. Due to limited physical therapy because of insurance, I told my doctor about Melissa and he was delighted that I was working with her. I showed him the pamphlet from Optimum Condition that described Melissa’s various programs and he supported my continuing to work with her. I literally went from not being able to bend my left knee to now being able to do a full squat. I cannot thank Melissa enough for all of the work she did to help me to overcome some very difficult physical limitations.”

Octavia Parker (Captain S.D. Sherriff Dept)
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